AFW’s Jason Fletcher talks challenges and opportunities for independents

NASHVILLE — While Home News Now was unable to attend Nationwide Marketing Group’s PrimeTime event here last month, we asked the furniture, electronics and appliance buying group if it would sit down with Jason Fletcher, CEO of American Furniture Warehouse in Greensboro, N.C., to discuss the retailer’s greatest challenges these days and how being part of a buying group might be helping it meet those challenges.

Fletcher spoke with HNN back in May about all things business, including supply chain disruption, which has only gotten worse since then, and perhaps not surprisingly, was the first thing he mentioned during the interview with Nationwide’s Rob Stott. But his focus has long been on having plenty of merchandise in-stock, even through these challenging times. In the video, he says this can be one of an independent furniture retailer’s greatest advantages over the big-box giants in the industry, noting, “If we have stock on hand, we will win the game.”

Listen for more, including some of the benefits of being a Nationwide member. (Its Synchrony consumer credit partnership alone more than covers the cost of membership, he said, and helps stores like American Furniture play on the same field with the likes of big competitors offering “forever no interest.”) And for Nationwide’s wrap-up of PrimeTime, click here.

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