Nationwide Marketing Group and TBI partner to bring affordable business technology services to retailers

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – For independent retailers, the old saying, “A dollar saved is a dollar earned,” is more than just a cliché — it’s a matter of fact. And it’s that very statement that’s at the heart of a new partnership between Nationwide Marketing Group and TBI, one of the nation’s leading business-to-business technology service providers.

Introduced to the Nationwide membership earlier this year, TBI partners with more than 100 different providers to give retailers access to a variety of business-critical services, including phone and voice services, location and data security, internet and cloud services, and more. 

“Independent business owners have a unique passion and commitment to providing the best experience possible to any customer who walks through their door. But too often, they’re not given that same level of care by their business technology service providers,” says Eric Sindelar, director of connected services for Nationwide Marketing Group. “In working with the team at TBI, we’re giving our retailers the opportunity to find hidden cost savings that they may never have even considered, while providing them with some of the best customer support in the industry.”

With just a 30-minute phone call, Nationwide dealers can receive a free, zero-commitment cost analysis of their existing business technology solutions, courtesy of TBI. During that call, the TBI team will review a monthly service statement with the retailer and consult on any additional business needs they may have.

“In this day in age, there are no cookie-cutter solutions, just like there are no cookie-cutter customers,” says Marco Sanchez, regional vice president of sales for TBI. “Every business has different needs to consider, such as applications being used, compliances and security. And every organization is looking for ways to optimize their environments and reinvest those dollars in their businesses. Working together, we can connect NMG members with various solutions tailored to their unique needs. Plus, we provide technical expertise where needed, along with white-glove support to ensure implementations go smoothly.”

Once the no-cost analysis is completed by TBI, a quote is delivered to the retailer. From there, TBI works with the retail to get them up and running with their partner service providers. The entire process can be completed in as little as 10 days. And, depending on the number of locations, the retailer could see almost immediate cost savings.

That’s exactly what happened for Mickey Rosado, owner of Appliances to Go USA in Cape Coral, Florida. After years with a major business technology service provider in the area, Rosado took the opportunity to get a free quote from TBI, only to discover that he could be saving thousands of dollars a year. 

“I was shocked to learn just how much more we were paying for some of these basic business services than we really needed to — and it’s not like we were getting over-the-top customer service to make up for all of that extra cost,” Rosado says. “In fact, we found the team at TBI to be way more responsive to us and willing to work with us to figure out our specific wants and needs for the business.” 

In addition to the cost savings, Rosado says he’s appreciative of some of the new capabilities the TBI solutions offers him as a business owner.

“Working with TBI has really helped to digitize our business even more than we thought was possible,” he says. “We’re now able to text with our customers, and take and make calls from our cellphones, and have it look like it’s coming from the actual store — simple solutions that greatly improve the experience for our customers.”

After participating in Virtual PrimeTime in March, TBI will be in Nashville for its first in-person PrimeTime this August 15-18. For more information or to register visit

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