Nationwide Marketing Group partners with Myriad Software

Myriad joins Nationwide’s growing list of POS vendors that can integrate into the PriMetrix suite of tools.

Nationwide Marketing Group has partnered with Myriad Software on a point-of-sale agreement that gives Nationwide dealers access to group-negotiated pricing and PriMetrix platform integration.

“It’s a major development for our PriMetrix platform,” says Nationwide’s Director of Point-of-Sale Steve Mahler. “By integrating Myriad’s platform directly into our suite of data-driven tools, we’ll be able to provide even more accurate home furnishings market analysis, SKU performance, and data analytics to our members.”

The partnership brings Myriad’s recently launched PointCentric platform — a mobile-friendly system that introduces a comprehensive web-based, touch navigation software system — to Nationwide members. It features cloud-based services, including inventory tracking, and is mobile-compatible.

“We see a great fit for the members wanting to move to a retail management system that is a trusted source and state-of-the-art technology using our web application, PointCentric,” says Carolyn Crowley, Myriad’s owner. “The current and future integration will benefit Nationwide members with faster business decisions and touch screen benefits. We look forward to showing PointCentric at the PrimeTime show in August.”

Myriad and Nationwide will continue to work together to further integrate the POS platform into other areas of the business. In addition to Myriad’s integration with PriMetrix, retailers with websites supported by Site on Time and Retailer Web Services will see Myriad’s platform integrated later this year.

Alex Milstein

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