Service with a snarl

It’s tough to find good help these days, but be thankful this guy is not on your team. 

Scott Seiss, a comedian and former Ikea employee, has gone viral with a series of TikTok videos, in which he poses in a store scene, wearing his old Ikea lanyard, and responds to customers’ questions and complaints with hilarious but inappropriate comebacks, the kind of things you know some employees just wish they could say.

During this time of severe product shortages, it might be tempting to use Seiss’s response to a customer’s “Can you just check the back?” (“Can you just accept we don’t have it? The back ain’t some magical place …”) Or “The website said it was in stock.” (“And what do your eyes say?”) 

But just don’t do it.

According to a report by The Baltimore Sun, Seiss started working at an Ikea call center in late 2016, and part of his job was to review customer emails and social media messages often about late deliveries or missing parts. Seiss has been eager to break into standup comedy and his TikToks may have done the trick. According to the report, they’ve received tens of millions of views and have been shared by the likes of NBA star Lebron James and comedian Patton Oswalt.

Home News Now reached out to Ikea for a comment. In an emailed response, a spokesperson said, “We’re aware of Scott Seiss’s videos and simply want to clarify that Scott is not a current employee of IKEA and does not speak for IKEA or our co-workers.”

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