Glen Raven invests in major expansion

Glen Raven is devoting more than $65 million to create additional capacity and support ongoing sustainability initiatives.

BURLINGTON, N.C. — Glen Raven Custom Fabrics announced the latest milestones in a multi-phase global expansion plan.

The first phase, initiated at the end of 2019, includes new and upgraded equipment to support the continuing growth of Sunbrella fabrics and other Glen Raven textile products in the company’s U.S. and Asia facilities. This highly customized equipment has begun to come online and will continue in stages through the first half of 2021. It will not only increase output, but also reduce energy and water usage, laddering back to Glen Raven’s sustainability commitments. 

The company is also implementing system enhancements that will better address the supply chain challenges created by the pandemic and the spike in demand for Sunbrella fabrics. The improvements will enable Glen Raven to serve and communicate with customers even more efficiently.   

This next phase of the expansion plan is marked by the purchase of a new production facility in Valenciennes, France, an industrial hub with ready access to major transportation routes across Europe. Once converted to meet Glen Raven’s requirements, this facility is expected to be operational by the second half of next year. The site also allows for future production and distribution expansion. 

Taken together, these actions represent an investment of more than $65 million in expanded production capacity to support the company’s customers and the increased demand for Sunbrella, Dickson and other Glen Raven fabrics. Future phases of the program include additional production and distribution capacity for the U.S. and Asia markets.  

 “Glen Raven is a 140-year old company, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to serving our customers and investing in our collective business not just for today, but for many years ahead,” said Dave Swers, president of Glen Raven Custom Fabrics. “While the path forward is not linear, we recognized the need to pull forward some of our expansion plans so that we can provide the level of service our customers deserve and continue to satisfy end users’ desires for Sunbrella fabrics as they create beautiful, usable spaces in and around their homes and for outdoor activities. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers through creative sourcing, extended run schedules, enhanced systems and capacity expansions.”  

 Headquartered in the United States, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics has multiple production facilities in the U.S., as well as facilities in Europe and Asia to serve the global market. The largest of these is in Anderson, S.C., and is vertically integrated to include yarn spinning, fabric weaving and finishing capabilities, and third-party-certified test facilities where Sunbrella and other fabrics undergo rigorous testing and extensive quality control. The site also houses the company’s main distribution center. 

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