DreamFit broadens reach with independent retailers

CULLMAN, Ala. — At a time when adjustable sleep systems continue to grow in popularity and many big-box outlets where consumers have traditionally purchased sheets have shuttered, leading top-of-bed manufacturer DreamFit is expanding its reach into major independent home furnishings chains across the country.

Indeed, independent retailers like bedding specialist Mattress World Northwest, and leading furniture chains like Schneiderman’s, Talsma Furniture and Johnny Janosik are turning to DreamFit’s patented sheets and mattress protectors to solve consumers’ dilemma about where to find sheets that fit their mattresses, create new revenue streams, and drive repeat traffic.

Because of DreamFit’s patented technology, its sheets are a solution for both adjustable and traditional mattress bases. Since the sheets can be used for both, it is a “smart” inventory decision for retailers as they do not have to carry multiple brands and sku’s to meet the needs of customers.  

“We wanted a sheet that could fit on any of the mattresses on the floor, including those with adjustable bases, which our clients use a lot,” said David Doyle, bedding manager at Johnny Janoski, the Laurel, Delaware-based furniture retailer. “We often heard complaints about sheets not staying on the mattress throughout the night, and personally, my wife and I faced the same issue and tried many different sheets without success until we discovered DreamFit.”

According to Chris Taheny, senior vice president of sales, DreamFit offers independent retailers versatile top-of-bed solutions for their customers, because the brand offers sheets and mattress protectors in sizes to accommodate all bed types, including split head queen and king.

All are set apart by the company’s patented 1.5” First Fit™ No Slip Corner Bands and Guaranteed To Fit and Stay On™ promise. Along with offering top-of-bed solutions in the most sought-after fabrics, including 100 percent Organic Cotton and Enhanced Bamboo, DreamFit sheets are also available in five classic colors, including white, ivory, sage, gray and blue.

“We’ve all had situations with customers that are dissatisfied with their accessories and that ended up leading to issues with the mattress or a comfort exchange, when in reality, if the accessories functioned properly, we could have avoided these issues,” said Ryan Bailey, vice president of sales and operations at bedding specialist Mattress World Northwest, a 25-store chain based in Portland, Oregon. “DreamFit offers fabric for any technology in all sizes, and a great color selection. It’s an exceptional product to bring to your consumers that will enhance any of your products.”

Natalie Stob, bedding buyer at Minneapolis-based Schneiderman’s, appreciates DreamFit’s comprehensive assortment, which she said is easy for the stores’ Sleep Team to sell. “The packaging is sharp and has visual ques to help differentiate between the Cool and Chill collections we carry. We like the look and overall quality of the product which is made in the USA.”  

For independent retailers, “the best thing,” Doyle summed, “is that DreamFit genuinely wants us to succeed and provides all the tools we need to make that happen. They are a super easy company to work with. Their shipping is excellent, and they even allow us to order individual items if a client requests a color that we don’t keep in stock.”    

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