Interwoven panel discussion to highlight strengths, capabilities of domestic producers

HIGH POINT — A panel of domestic fabric producers here at Interwoven this week will be discussing the evolution of their businesses and how they are remaining competitive in the world of global textile production.

Brian Burke
Sean Gibbons

The panel is being held at 3 p.m. Tuesday, May 7, in the Seminar Room, The Pavilion on Floor 5 of Market Square. Participants are Brian Burke, director of operations at Crypton Mills; Sean Gibbons, president of STI; Ann Reynolds, vice president of design at Valdese Weavers; and Suzie Roberts, vice president and general manager of furnishings at Sunbrella.

The panel is being moderated by Tom Russell, editor-in-chief at Home News Now.

Suzie Roberts
Ann Reynolds

The discussion will focus on how these companies are remaining competitive in today’s marketplace and how they are bringing forth fashion-forward designs and products to remain relevant to their customer base. They will also discuss the overall value proposition their product mix represents for their customer base and how it separates them from their competition both domestic and import.

In addition, the panel will discuss investments they are making in their businesses from both a technology and training perspective along with what they are doing to attract the next generation of workers in a competitive labor environment.

These and other areas of discussion aim to communicate how these companies will be positioned to succeed in the years ahead, particularly as the home furnishings industry emerges from the current slowdown impacting both the wholesale and retail side of the business.  

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