Precision Textiles hosts Earth Week events

FAIRFIELD, N.J. — As a tangible expression of its corporate values and commitment to its Preserving the Planet initiative, Precision Textiles, a trailblazer in textile innovation and a leading supplier for the bedding, home furnishings, healthcare and automotive industries, will host a week of ‘Greening the Earth’ events as part of its philanthropic efforts. These activities will take place during the week of April 22, Earth Week.

Kicking off the week in celebration of Earth Day on Monday, the company hosted an employee tree planting party at its corporate headquarters in Fairfield. This event aims to provide a greener and more sustainable work environment for employees. Moe Kovangji, VP of manufacturing and sustainability director and Kristen Lo Presti, director of communications, co-hosted the events as part of a series of ongoing monthly activities that help advance the company’s sustainable and ESG efforts.

Dawn Coleson, left, customer support; Scott Tesser, chief executive officer and co-owner; Moe Kovanghji, vice president, manufacturing and sustainability director; Peter Longo, COO and co-owner; Maria Cruz, customer support.

“Earth Week holds a great deal of significance for all of us at Precision Textiles.” Kovangii said. “Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond just words. It’s engrained in our company’s DNA. From implementing sustainable manufacturing practices to organizing events like the tree-planting initiative, we are dedicated to creating a greener environment for our employees and communities. These efforts are not just integral components of our commitment to environmental responsibility, but they also reflect our ethos of corporate stewardship.”

Later that week, on April 26, which coincides with Arbor Day, 5000 trees will be planted in the Bladen Lakes State Forest, located approximately two hours from the company’s Troy, North Carolina, facility. Spanning more than 33,000 acres, it is the largest state-owned forest in North Carolina, with reforestation efforts currently underway. The tree planting aims to support the overall health of the forest ecosystem. The native mix of loblolly pine and longleaf pine trees will be planted as part of the company’s philanthropic support of the Arbor Day Foundation.

“This event goes beyond work-related activities; it helps bolster our collective efforts toward giving back to our community, our families, and future generations to come,” LoPresti said. “It exemplifies our belief in the power of collaboration to make a difference. This is social responsibility that extends far beyond our company walls.”

Earth Day, which is celebrated by over one billion people in more than 192 countries, was established in 1970 due to the absence of legal or regulatory mechanisms to protect our environment. It gained prominence by a then-U.S. Senator who, after witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California pushed for its creation. The Arbor Day Foundation was established in 1972 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first Arbor Day. As one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world, the Arbor Day Foundation plants and distributes over ten million trees annually, contributing significantly to environmental conservation efforts.

“Celebrating both Earth Day and Arbor Day, along with our monthly activities is quickly becoming ingrained in our company culture,” said Scott Tesser, chief executive officer of Precision Textiles. “By actively engaging employees in these collective efforts, we’re not only transforming our local and regional communities but also making a profound impact on our relationships with customers and suppliers. These initiatives embody our commitment to preserving the planet and serve as a testament to our belief that every action, regardless of its scale, plays a crucial role in shaping a greener, more vibrant world for everyone.”

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