Kuka Home launches ‘Pathways’ branding campaign

HIGH POINT — Earlier this year, upholstered furniture manufacturer Kuka Home embarked on a branding campaign to drive industry awareness and increase understanding of the company’s value proposition for the retailer community.

The campaign, “Pathways: One Partner. Endless Possibilities,” was born out of a need to tell Kuka Home’s differentiation story among a sea of upholstery providers.

The purpose of the campaign is to communicate that the company is one of few vertically integrated upholstery suppliers in the industry that can seamlessly coordinate a retailer’s entire purchase process from product development to delivery. From sofas to accent chairs, the company designs and crafts high-quality, value-oriented upholstered furniture for every room in the home.  

“The campaign comes together with a Pathways graphic, in which each pillar represents a pathway leading to the ultimate upholstery destination, Kuka Home,” said Christina Morrison, senior marketing manager. “Through these captivating visuals, the campaign effectively communicates the unique value we offer retailers.”

About the campaign

The Pathways campaign’s message is “Discover the path to success with Kuka Home. Enjoy the convenience of working with one partner who opens the door to endless possibilities. Only Kuka Home can seamlessly coordinate your entire journey, from selection to service to sell-through. Don’t get lost with the rest; we are the ultimate destination for your upholstery needs.” It closes with the tagline, “One Partner. Endless Possibilities.” The Pathways represent the brand pillars and core offerings of Kuka Home.

Kuka Home President Matt Harrison has been driving these strategies since taking the helm of the North American division in 2020.

“The Pathways campaign will be instrumental in supporting our sales initiatives,” Harrison said. “We have evolved significantly since I started with the company, and this campaign effectively portrays our present identity and the breadth of our offering and capabilities we now offer.” 

Kuka Home’s Pillars — The Campaign’s Pathways   

  • Unparalleled Design: With over 110 designers globally, design innovation is Kuka Home’s DNA and passion. Inspired by fashion, technology and textiles, they offer original, award-winning designs that are ahead of the curve, set trends and resonate with the value-seeking customer.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Kuka Home’s commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in every piece of upholstery. Their attention to detail from design offers an unmatched upholstery experience.
  • Global Capabilities: Kuka Home is the largest full-line upholstered manufacturer and private-label brand supplier. With factories in China, Vietnam and Mexico, they have the capabilities and capacity to grow your business with the right product when you need it.
  • Superior Value: Kuka Home’s vertically integrated structure and highly efficient supply chain encompasses raw materials, mechanisms, design, development, production and delivery. This structure positions the company to offer luxurious comfort, quality and durability at an exceptional value.
  • Dedicated Support: Partnering with Kuka Home means gaining access to their dedicated sales and marketing teams, who guide you seamlessly through the entire process, from product selection to service and successful sell-through.
  • Socially Responsible: The company’s products combine environmental responsibility with the quality and comfort Kuka Home is known for. Additionally, they take pride in philanthropic endeavors and proudly support City of Hope.
  • Endless Possibilities: Kuka Home offers a wide assortment of product and style categories, collections and customization options to cater to all your upholstery needs. In addition, Kuka Home is also developing innovative new partnerships, such as the Becki Owens Home collection, which launched this April at the High Point Market.  

The campaign launched at market with advertising, digital and showroom displays. Retailers are invited to visit the Kuka Home showroom in Furniture Plaza, 614, Floor 6, to learn more about how partnering will put them on a path to endless possibilities. 

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