A visit with upholstery manufacturer Braxton Culler

In the weeks before market, Home News Now visited upholstery manufacturer Braxton Culler at its 450,000-square-foot production and finishing operations in Sophia, North Carolina. There we had the opportunity to see the company’s custom finishing operations up close during a tour with Donnie Lesley, vice president of operations. Leslie also agreed to be interviewed by Home News Now about the updates to its finishes and what it means for the overall look of the line as the company expands distribution in the Western half of the United States. He also talks about the company’s plans to expand its sales force to reach customers in this part of the country as well as its plans to show at the Dallas and Las Vegas markets.

In addition to the video segment included here, Home News Now shares some images of its walk-through in the plant, capturing some of the 125 employees who bring the company’s storied upholstery line to life with a hands-on assembly and finish process. Check out the photos below in this exclusive slideshow of the plant tour.

Near the sewing area, fabrics are stacked and bundled for use on newly built frames.

This is a view of the sewing area of the Braxton Culler production facilities in Sophia, North Carolina.

Jose Nieves, a nine-year employee, is seen stapling fabric to an upholstery frame.

Abel R. Zelaya, a 20-year employee, staples foam to a chair frame.

Douglas Centeno is stapling black deck material to the bottom of a chair frame.

Employee Mai Khuong preps pillows that are used as cushions throughout the seating line.

Donnie Lesley, senior vice president of operations, shows off one of the company’s new custom finishes on a chair and accent table.

Donnie Lesley is seen going over a new finish with finishing supervisor Tim Rheuark at the Sophia, North Carolina, plant.

This is a shot of some of the dedicated distribution space for company parent Classic Home near the Braxton Culler production facilities in Sophia.

Chair and occasional table frames are seen coming down the finish line at the Sophia, North Carolina, production facilities.

These are some of the upholstery frames that have recently been finished at the plant.

More chair frames awaiting final inspection before being shipped. A tree that employees decorated for Easter can be seen in the background.

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