Simpli Home deploys online omnichannel marketing strategy

TORONTO, Canada – Simpli Home, a leading name in the D2C and e-commerce home furnishings industries, deployed a new online omnichannel marketing strategy this month that it claims will revolutionize the consumer buying journey.

Rather than having shoppers compare prices for the same items across multiple retailer websites, Simpli Home will streamline the process by featuring “buy boxes” on each product page with featured retailers and their pricing. The new online capability is designed to make the buying journey as seamless and straightforward as possible.

 “After deep analysis of our own consumer surveys and research, we found that shoppers are equally split on how and where they prefer to purchase Simpli Home items. Some shoppers prefer the visual content, unique offers, and customer support from our DTC website, while others are simply looking for the best price at the moment,” said Simpli Home Chief Marketing Officer Darcy McGilvery. “We also discovered we were often creating competition amongst ourselves. Sale pricing across our many channels impacted retail prices downward, turning into a race to the bottom for pricing. Rather than continuing to fight a pricing battle against ourselves, we are deploying an omnichannel strategy online that will ultimately empower the consumer and make the buying process more convenient and efficient.”

Each product detail page (PDP) on Simpli Home’s consumer website will now show pricing options directly from the company and its retail partners like Amazon, Ashley and Home Depot, among others. This will allow consumers to easily comparison shop, determining if they want to buy brand direct or from an online retail partner. With a back-end software solution attached to its website, the pricing is updated in real-time to reflect changes from Simpli Home and the retail partners.

“We haven’t seen any furniture brands offer this type of feature on their website, as most retailers want consumers to purchase directly from them,” said McGilvery. “In today’s landscape, comparison shopping reigns supreme, and consumers are more discerning about where they invest their hard-earned money. Through our innovative approach, we’re not just meeting but anticipating consumer preferences, thereby simplifying the purchasing journey like never before. We’re not just offering a product; we’re delivering an experience tailored to the modern shopper’s needs.”

This new online feature transforms the consumer website into more of a marketing hub for customers, while still offering them the option to purchase direct. And Simpli Home expects to enjoy a significant return on its investment. With easier access to sales and channel data, the company can better track customer buying patterns, which, in turn, allows the company to more accurately pinpoint and maximize its marketing and advertising investment.

With a mission to make high-quality furniture affordable for everyone, Simpli Home specializes in producing affordable, quality furniture using solid wood, high-grade fabrics, and hand craftsmanship. Recognized as A Great Place to Work®, as certified by Great Place to Work Institute Canada and named one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies by The Globe and Mail for three years, the company is committed to sourcing with care for the planet. For more information, visit

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