IHFRA’s John Pinion on the changing role of the independent sales rep

In this latest edition of The Last Word, Home News Now Editor-at-Large Ray Allegrezza interviews John Pinion, chairman of the International Home Furnishings Representatives Association. Here, Pinion talks about his introduction to the industry, back to the days when he first spent time with his father as a young boy to get a firsthand look at the daily role of the traveling sales rep. He later studied law, but ultimately decided to follow in his father’s footsteps by joining him in the industry in 1998.

Here, Pinion looks back on his time in the industry, reflecting on changes that have occurred since then, including the changing needs of retailers and how the rep has had to adapt to those changes. This includes embracing new technologies, facing the challenges of Covid, training new salespeople on the floor and helping retailers navigate the ever-evolving role of e-commerce. A key message? The independent sale rep remains as important as ever to helping their retail customers grow and thrive in an uncertain and challenging business environment.

To hear more of Pinion’s perspective, click on the link below.

2 thoughts on “IHFRA’s John Pinion on the changing role of the independent sales rep

  1. Two fantastic gentleman in the furniture industry. John Pinion is the ultimate salesman I have ever met. Ray Allegrezza is ultimate editor and interviewer.
    I listened to this interview and learned a lot more than I knew. Thanks Home News Now for all you do for the furniture industry.

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