Fine Cotton Factory launches 1st knitted top-of-bed line featuring apparel-grade yarns

ETOBICOKE, Canada — Fine Cotton Factory, a leading textiles manufacturer specializing in eco-friendly knits for the North American market in both the home furnishings and apparel industries, is introducing its first knitted top of bed line that incorporates apparel-grade yarns, like spandex, which allow for more stretch and breathability. The products are being introduced to provide enhanced sleep surface performance on specialty sleep mattresses on adjustable bases.

The company’s new private label top of bed line includes a set of sheets, duvet and a coverlet. The sets are made with GOTS certified organic cotton, Tencel and micro modal fibers, and 50-50 basic polyester and can be bundled or sold individually. Drawing from its heritage in the fashion industry, all of Fine Cotton’s top-of-bed sheets are knitted and incorporate spandex – an elastic recovery fiber – to allow for more comfort when consumers move in bed, a particularly important feature for consumers with adjustable bed bases.

“There are numerous benefits to using a knitted bed sheet as compared to a woven product. Take an adjustable base for example – when a base is adjusted, woven fitted sheets tend to pop off,” said Skip Kann, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Fine Cotton Factory. “With our knitted bed sheets, especially ones that incorporates spandex, you don’t have to worry about the sheets pulling off the mattress – which is a nuisance and can be messy – because our sheet stretches and moves with the foundation and the sleeper.”

For specialty beds incorporating latex, the knitted sheets promote better air flow and allow the sleeper to get the full benefit of the comfort of the latex because of the stretch.

“When a consumer purchases a latex mattress and covers it with a woven sheet, they are essentially defeating the purpose of the comfort dollars they have spent on the latex. Our knitted sheets allow consumers the full benefit of a latex mattress – breathability and comfort while sleeping – something a woven sheet cannot provide,” he added. “We believe our sheets are the perfect accessory to elevate the performance of any specialty sleep bed.”

Fine Cotton Factory is producing the top of bed line under private label for its retail and manufacturer customers, and Kann noted that the company has the unique ability to dye the sheets to customer specifications thanks to its 150,000-square-foot dyeing and finishing facility, one of the few remaining in North America, where it dyes and finishes all of its apparel products for leading name brands who are committed to manufacturing in North America.

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