SleepScore Labs validation study gives high marks to Flexsteel’s Zecliner

CARLSBAD, Calif. — SleepScore Labs, a leader in sleep research and innovation, has announced the findings of its latest validation study. Analyzing over 700 nights of sleep, the study revealed that Flexsteel Zecliner significantly improved individuals’ perceptions of their sleep, enhancing their comfort during the night, and helping them feel more well rested in the morning. These findings highlight the importance of comfort and adjustable sleep surfaces in promoting satisfaction with sleep.

The study focused on individuals who normally slept on a different recliner, chair or sofa at night, and then switched to the Flexsteel Zecliner. Flexsteel Zecliner’s unique flexibility allows users to tailor the sleep surface to their preferences by adjusting the position of the upper body and legs. Collecting both objective and self-reported sleep data, SleepScore Labs aimed to assess the potential benefits of this innovative piece of furniture. While objective measures of sleep gathered from SleepScore’s non-contact tracking technology, such as sleep duration and sleep stages, did not show significant improvements, the participants reported many notable increases in their perceived sleep quality. For example, 84% of participants reported that Zecliner felt pressure relieving, whereas only 16% felt this about their original sleep surface. Similarly, 95% of participants reported that Zecliner felt weightless, compared to only 11% reporting this before.

The Zecliner at work.

Further, participants reported feeling more comfortable (107% increase) and cooler (180% increase) when using Zecliner compared to their previous sleep surface. This is particularly important as temperature regulation during sleep is known to impact the depth and quality of sleep. Participants also reported a 119% increase in how well-rested they felt upon waking in the morning and a 121% increase in overall sleep quality. Results also revealed a 350% increase in how many days per week users felt satisfied with their sleep. Furthermore, at the end of the study, 89% of participants indicated that they enjoyed using Zecliner.

Overall, the results shed light on the potential benefits of positional adjustments contributing to better sleep and consequently feeling better during the daytime.

“Flexsteel continues to invest in innovative products and we are excited to share that our Zecliner sleep recliner was given a seal of approval by Sleep Score Labs after their recent sleep study,” said Tim Newlin, vice president of strategic business development at Flexsteel. “We are committed to giving consumers high-quality, comfortable products that enhance their health and well-being and the Sleep Score Labs partnership helped us validate how the consumer feels about our products and will help drive future product improvements.”

“We love working with companies committed to helping people to sleep better. Flexsteel built a product for people with a wide variety of sleep challenges, and the people in the study clearly loved the product,” said Colin Lawlor, chief executive officer of SleepScore Labs.

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