Inside Markor’s reimagined retail footprint

TIANJIAN, China — Last month, luxury furniture manufacturer Markor unveiled a state-of-the-art update to its retail store here that first opened more than 20 years ago. A goal of the revamp is to appeal to a more upscale market in this city of nearly 16 million, the third largest in China, by addressing several key style trends, including several major lifestyle looks created by the company’s global network of designers that aim to appeal to many different segments of the market.

The design also addresses the market for luxury furnishings with a mix of bespoke design and concierge services, while also promoting wellness and sustainability in a relaxing yet vibrant shopping experience. Below are some images the company shared with Home News Now that showcase a design aesthetic that could expand throughout its entire store network — that includes 107 additional stores — over time.

This is the design center in Markor’s techno-savvy new Tianjian, China, retail complex.

This is one of the rooms in Markor’s interactive parent-child space, a recent addition to the retail footprint in Tianjin.

The tearoom in Markor’s flagship store in Tianjian. Tea is an important part of China’s social culture and this allows visitors to partake and relax during their visit to the store.

Light Luxe Fashion is one of four key lifestyles represented in Markor’s flagship Tianjin store. This living room setting is part of the design aesthetic. The lifestyle mixes acrylic, metal, leather and marble, making texture as important as the material or color palette.

This bedroom setting is also part of the Light Luxe Fashion lifestyle display, which “focuses on comfort, while maintaining a sense of sophistication and luxury,” according to Sihan Zhang of Markor. Zhang added that the approach is one that embraces simplicity and “abandons exaggeration and flamboyance.”

This living room setting is part of Markor’s new Minimalism lifestyle collection, which the company said pairs simplicity and comfort without losing the sense of sophistication. The goal: modern spaces that combine comfort and functionality.

This bedroom is also part of Markor’s Minimalism lifestyle collection. The centerpiece is this canopy bed that offers a clean-lined modern aesthetic that is softened by metal and wood accents.

This living room vignette is part of the Connoisseur lifestyle collection by Markor. It is inspired by a “respect for nature and the ultimate pursuit of aesthetics.” The company further describes the aesthetic as nature and art coming together to “present a calm and light dream realm.”

This bedroom is also part of Connoisseur. It incorporates a wall storage component and dressing area with a mirror and bench.

Classics Reimagined includes this bedroom, which also showcases a chair and occasional table in the line. The style segment “deconstructs the classic style, reexamining it with modern thinking and a focus on functionality and comfort.”

Another bedroom vignette in Classics Reimagined further illustrates the idea of combining functionality and comfort as seen in a vignette that combines an area to sleep and a living room setting complete with upholstery and occasional furniture.

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