Gold Bond launches first organic futon fabric upgrade

HARTFORD, Conn. – As the demand for organic products increases, independent bedding manufacturer Gold Bond announced it is introducing its first organic futon fabric upgrade to target health-conscious consumers on a budget.

Gold Bond’s new organic futon fabric upgrade is made of 10-ounce Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton. The fabric can encase any of the company’s 25 futon constructions. It is designed to appeal to consumers who want to sleep on an organic product, but at a more affordable price point than traditional mattresses.

GOTS certified products go through a third-party auditing process to ensure that all stages of the production process are complicit with the global standard – including audits of the manufacturing facility ensuring that water and energy conversation measures are taking place, as well as making sure that the company is complicit with international labor standards. All of Gold Bond’s fabrics that are GOTS certified must contain a minimum of 70 percent organic fibers that are grown without the use of GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, or toxic pesticides.

The organic futon fabric upgrade is a $180 add-on cost to any of the brands existing constructions.

“We wanted to create an option for our consumers that want organic products but may not be comfortable paying the price of an organic mattress. We want to make sure to bolster our organic lineup across all price points to allow consumers the autonomy to choose to live a healthier lifestyle,” said Gold Bond CEO Robert Naboicheck.

Gold Bond does offer a full program of traditional organic mattresses for consumers: five solid organic latex models (the Aspen, Walnut, Hickory, Spruce and Willow) as well as six traditional innerspring options (the single-sided Birch and Maple, two-sided Magnolia, and three-model Organic Cotton Series). All mattresses in the 11-model organic lineup incorporate GOTS certified organic fabrics.

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