Spring Air International expands presence in Malaysia through licensing agreement

WOBURN, Mass. –Top 20 U.S. bedding manufacturer Spring Air International, will now gain access to over 1,000 retail showrooms in all 14 states in Malaysia through its licensing agreement with foam and mattress manufacturer Sumber Dinamik.

Sumber Dinamik manufacturers and distributes many Spring Air brands, including its Back Supporter line which fills a gap in the high-end Malaysian market segment.

Sumber Dinamik is a subsidiary of NHL Manufacturing, one of the largest polyurethane foam and mattress manufacturers. It was founded in 1980 as a local community foam manufacturer that supplied small scale furniture factories. The company has evolved with its growth in business to incorporate production in foam and mattresses and is currently one of the dominant suppliers of OEM and private-branded mattresses in the Malaysian market.

“With Spring Air’s over 90 years of experience, impressive heritage, brand power and global reach, we find the company to be the ultimate partner in aiding our objective as establishing ourselves as one of the key suppliers in the high-end market segment,” said Sumber Dinamik General Manager, Kenny Yap Kwong Fatt. “The licensor has a vibrant management team ably led by Nick Bates has given us more faith that Spring Air International is the brand that would help us scale higher heights of growth.”

“Malaysia is a strong market for us and with access to more than 1,000 retail outlets carrying our products, we expect to see an even stronger share in the country,” said Nick Bates, president of Spring Air International. “Sumbar Dinamik is a terrific partner for us. Their knowledge of the customer, combined with their commitment to quality and service, represents our brand very well.”

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