Director, Merger & Acquisition Integration, Nationwide Marketing Group

Job Title: Director, Merger & Acquisition Integration

Company: Nationwide Marketing Group

Location: Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Description: This Director of Merger & Acquisition Integration role will work to identify integration plans and resources for qualified Merger and Acquisition entities to achieve the desired financial outcomes. This position will work closely with newly acquired entities on the development of strategic growth plans, integration of corporate processes and systems, and adoption of products and services among partner members/customers.

This role will work extensively with Executive and Senior leadership across the organization, including all business units with a focus on integration of Digital Services, Business Services, Financial Services as well as Supplier and Service programs.


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • 5yrs+ of equivalent Finance, Buying or Corporate planning.
  • 5yrs+ Retail buying or product management experience.
  • Experience negotiating annual and corporate purchasing/marketing and selling agreements.
  • Advanced MS Office, presentation, and spreadsheet application skills.

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