General Manager of Distribution Center, Abbyson

Job Title: General Manager of Distribution Center

Company: Abbyson

Location: Redlands, CA 

Description: The General Manager of Distribution Center helps design a winning strategy for the company, oversees the directors and managers as they carry out the plan, measures the results of the strategy, and reports them to the company’s leadership. The GM is expected to find new areas for growth and improvement for each of the company’s divisions or branches in accordance with the overall corporate strategy. He or she is expected to meet with the upper management on a regular basis and make suggestions for improvements or new directions. He or she is also expected to make sure the divisional managers have a clear reporting system to ensure information flow.

The GM will be responsible for overseeing a range of activities including business processes, supply chain, logistics, inventory, fulfillment, and distribution and ensuring quality practices throughout the operations. The position is charged with establishing and implementing metrics and standards by which operational performance is measured and evaluated. The strategy should optimize facility utilization, drive continuous improvement in all processes, and generate world-class customer satisfaction with exceptional product and service quality.


  • Outstanding track record of driving operations to deliver results through developing significant improvements in costs and delivery.
  • Substantial experience in lean process development, inventory control, logistics, and distribution management.
  • Experience managing a team of senior operations professionals.
  • The ability to quickly assess the operational efficiency of a organization and prioritize improvement processes.

Read the full job listing for more information.

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