Ethan Allen reopens Danbury Design Center as Interior Design Destination

DANBURY, Conn., April 10, 2023 — Ethan Allen will launch its next reinvention with the grand reopening of the Danbury Connecticut Design Center as an Interior Design Destination on April 17, 2023.

Farooq Kathwari, Chairman, President, and CEO stated, “We are celebrating our 91st year and have always focused on the concept of constant reinvention. We have developed a strong network of entrepreneurial leaders and interior designers as well as strengthened our product offerings under the umbrella of classics with a modern perspective.”

“We’ve also made major investments in our North American manufacturing which produces about 75% of our products,” he added. “In addition, we’ve relocated most of our 172 Design Centers in North America, and developed a unique and efficient logistics system which enables us to deliver our products at one cost nationally. Further, we have made major investments in technology, including empowering our interior designers to work with clients by combining personal service and technology.”

The April 17th launch of the Danbury flagship location as an Interior Design Destination will include a ribbon cutting ceremony. Mr. Kathwari noted, “We are pleased to have Mayor Dean Esposito of Danbury, Connecticut and Paul Beran, Interim President of Western Connecticut State University join us together with 250 of our leaders from various areas of our North American operations.”

“We are proud to continue to celebrate our culture of consistent reinvention and plan to have similar events across our 172 Interior Design Destinations. We are excited for the next reinvention of Ethan Allen,” Kathwari added.

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