Letter to the editor: Tip-over regulations ignore commonsense solutions

Why are we getting legislation on tip-over standards when literally nothing was done to enforce the anti-tip kits the furniture industry provided on the back of furniture? 

If the consumer did not use the anti-tip kits provided, who is at fault? The issue continues to harm people due to consumers not using the provided kits. 

I would consider that a consumer information campaign to alert consumers to the need for the use of the kits provided with clothing storage units. I would also try considering that if a retailer delivers the furniture and offers to install the anti-tip kits, they could possibly refuse the kit install, but at least they would understand that the items were there and they were needed. 

I would have the retailer sign off on the delivery and the refusal by the consumer to install.

I am currently in a mad rush to go to High Point Premarket and am also trying to redesign my entire line to meet these standards. The time period to react to this legislation in incredibly short. 

The next step after the redesign is to get the products tested to ensure they pass. We have one testing lab in the entire region so there will be a flood of manufacturers reacting to these redesigns. 

I hope the retailers also understand that this will increase costs for these solutions, testing and redesign.

I am all for saving lives. My son was 3 when he used the Lea Furniture armoire drawers as steps to reach the video on the top of his tube TV. The armoire and TV came down on top of him and we thought he was dead. The impact knocked him out. He woke up as we flew to the local hospital. 

I would definitely be an advocate for better designs for children’s furniture. But I also know that consumers often buy their kids the cheapest furniture as well as the cheapest mattress.

I have read the entire package for the new regulations. It will take a legal team to read all of the material on this legislation. It is additionally great to have an idea, but a solution has to be attached with the idea.

David Hips works for Woodica Furniture Design.

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