Cozzia USA launches AI powered Chair Doctor technology with new Qi XE Pro Massage Chair

COVINA, Calif. — Cozzia USA’s latest innovation in massage technology, the Qi XE Pro Massage Chair, is powered by AI technology to create a custom massage experience for the user based on their individual body measurements, levels of stress and tension.

The model, launched at the recently concluded winter Las Vegas Market, is part of the Chair Doctor program that uses Artificial Intelligence to create a custom experience that is initiated by the simple touch of a button once the person is seated. It accomplishes this by reading the person’s body position, starting with the shoulders and then scanning the entire body to create a custom massage tailored to their individual body type and measurements.

The Cozzia Qi XE Pro Massage Chair

The company said that initial dealer reaction at the Market was extremely positive.

“Chair Doctor is a game changing innovation, and retailers really appreciate the fact that Cozzia USA always leads the way with new massage technology,” said John Cribbs, vice president, national accounts.

The company noted that this model “builds on generations of technological innovation at Cozzia.” Key enhancements over earlier massage chair designs include:

+ Hard-wired technology built into each chair that the company said eliminates issues related to connectivity or Bluetooth access.

+ Automatic scanning that the company said delivers “maximum customization requiring little-to-no-user experience and intervention.”

+ By offering an individualized, custom massage, the company said, the Chair Doctor program provides “enhanced relief and superior health benefits.”

+ Cozzia also said the chair has less steps and keypad entries along with a “better defined and more efficient set up,” that makes training for RSAs both quicker and easier.

“The demonstration process on a retail sales floor is very important, and retailers were so impressed by how easy the program is to demonstrate to consumers,” said Greg Hunsucker, vice president, sales at Cozzia USA.

The company added that its latest innovation also uses a biometric hand-held scanner to assess each users individual stress level. It does this with advanced control sensors that deliver biofeedback information on the individual’s tension in six common pressure points: these include the neck, inner shoulder, outer shoulder, upper back, mid back and lower back.

The Chair Doctor technology also reads heart rate and blood oxygen levels to analyze stress levels in these key areas. With this diagnostic information, the company said, the chair will build and execute “an individually customized massage solution, ensuring that each user receives maximum relief.”

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