Horizon Home plans aggressive product launch at Las Vegas Market

The mix includes six new bedrooms, 15 home entertainment consoles and several upholstery SKUs, all made in Mexico

LAS VEGAS — Case goods and upholstery manufacturer Horizon Home is coming to the winter Market here with a heavier than typical introduction in bedroom and home entertainment consoles, all made in Mexico.

The company is showing six bedrooms and 15 new TV consoles made with a mix of solid pine, pine veneers and, in some cases, poplar solids and veneers. Typically, the company brings about half this amount to Market on the wood side.

Four-piece bedrooms retail from about $1,399 to $3,999, and the consoles, which are from 60 to 100 inches long, retail from about $499 to $1,599.

This is one of 15 new consoles Horizon Home is showing at the Las Vegas Market.

In addition, the company is showing five new upholstered frames including a sectional, all also made in Mexico. Sofas are targeted to retail from $1,399 to $1,799.

Across the case goods and upholstery lineup, a lot of the designs mark a return to the company’s roots in lodge, Western and rustic looks, Felipe Orozco, vice president of sales, told Home News Now, noting these styles have “always been the mainstay of our company.”

In upholstery, buyers will see this aesthetic in combinations of leather and fabric and hair-on-hide patterns with Western-inspired or mountain retreat-inspired covers.

“This is a major introduction across all categories,” he said of the line of Mexico-made product. “It is basically going back to what we typically do.”

Of the upholstery, most of which is available in one fabric — in some cases, two — he added, “These are looks that a retailer in that niche can basically put on the floor and it’s a custom-order look. Typically you would have to have that made — you can’t buy it off the shelf. … This is something that you can floor day in and day out. And it’s priced to sell for what it is.”

This is one of several new sofas Horizon Home is showing in Las Vegas. It combines leather and fabric for a Western-inspired design aesthetic.

Leather hides, he said, are from Uruguay and fabrics are milled in Mexico.

“There is some capability of creating fabrics there. It really let’s us control our supply chain for fabric,” he said, noting that bringing fabrics from Asia can be a challenge. “We would rather just have it made in Mexico.”

The consoles, he noted, have been a growth category where retailers can floor a product easily.

“The retailer recognizes those as a good ticket on their floor — they don’t take up too much space and they have a lot of perceived value because of the scale,” Orozco said. “ And they price well … the perceived value is pretty high so they can make good money and a good margin. And it only takes a fraction of the space on the floor.”

He said as the company has already shown some of the goods to certain retailers in different parts of the country, they are already in production. But Orozco noted that many retailers visiting the company’s showroom in B-106 and 110 will be seeing the items for the first time. And as they are in production already, the factories will be able to ship fairly quickly, with lead times of six to eight weeks for new goods, which also will be available in the company’s domestic warehouses.

“Right now, that is pretty much the case,” Orozco said of lead times. “Factories in Mexico do have a lot of open capacity because all the people that went down there during the pandemic to source goods are now gone. … It is a lot easier and it allows us to do the level of development we do so quickly because all these other guys are out of the way.”

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