Digital Advertising Advisor, Nationwide Marketing Group

Job Title: Digital Advertising Advisor

Company: Nationwide Marketing Group

Location: Remote

Description: The Digital Advertising Advisor will work with approximately 50 retailers to manage all aspects of their digital advertising. Nearly all of Nationwide’s work is conducted remotely with customers from the Scottsdale offices (i.e. over the phone, email and screen share). Your primary responsibility is to build a relationship with each of your clients. As a Digital Advertising Advisor you need to take the time to get to know each client and must clearly understand their goals, objectives, worries and frustrations. You will use this knowledge to build, execute and monitor digital advertising campaigns in our proprietary AdRocket software.

Some of Nationwide’s clients are brand new to digital advertising – these clients are going to require some education, hand-holding and guidance as they venture into a new area for their business. Others have been using digital advertising in their businesses for some time – these clients need insight, perspective, analysis and new ideas to move their business forward.

To succeed in this job, you must be really good at building and maintaining long term relationships with customers over the phone. You must have a relentless focus on details, deadlines and results – you must always be keeping track of what you have to do, by when and then make sure it gets done. You will need to be comfortable with digital advertising. Likewise, you must be excited to learn a fairly sophisticated piece of proprietary software that changes frequently (the AdRocket software). Lastly, you need to be the kind of person who enjoys the search for ways to improve the performance of the next advertising campaigns based on the results of the last one.

Read the full job listing for more information.

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