Purecare, Suncliff join forces to launch new CBD pillow collection

PHOENIX (Nov. 30, 2022) – Leading wellness-focused bedding essentials manufacturer Purecare and renowned CBD supplier Suncliff say their collaboration on a new CBD pillow collection offers retailers a two-for-one in quality and comfort from trusted brands.

Purecare selected five of its best-selling pillows for the new collection and wrapped them in CBD micro-encapsulated covers featuring Suncliff’s premium CBD. The line includes Purecare’s patented Cooling SoftCell® Chill and SoftCell® Lite constructions, along with Cooling Replenish, Cooling Down Complete, and Bamboo Memory Foam Puff.

According to Purecare, its CBD pillow line is differentiated in the marketplace with three options other brands do not offer: a down fill option, the patented and best-selling SoftCell® pillow, and the bamboo cover option. All five CBD pillow options come with a complimentary 10 mL bottle of Suncliff premium CBD Bedding Mist, allowing consumers to add CBD to any top-of-bed layer. Purecare’s CBD program includes 10 mL and 45 mL CBD Bedding Mist spritzers sold separately as a value-add accessory online and in stores, encouraging repeat purchases and decreasing the length of the typical buying cycle.

“Consumer demand for CBD in the sleep space is the driving force behind this line,” said Sarah Bergman, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of product development. “Our partners at Suncliff produce the purest CBD available, and their reputation for excellence aligns with the type of service and quality that our retail customers expect and love about Purecare.”

Purecare has established itself as a category leader by focusing on improved sleep wellness, clinically proven responsive textiles and cleaner sleep.

The new CBD pillow collection will be on display in the Purecare showroom C-1595 at the Winter Las Vegas Market, Jan. 29-Feb. 2.

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