Live Furnish promises 30-day delivery for 3D product configurator

Winston-Salem, NC—Live Furnish, a 3D content creation technology platform for the home furnishings industry, has narrowed its 3D product configurator delivery time to manufacturers and retailers to a guaranteed 30-day delivery. This delivery timeframe is four times faster than others in this space.

In the highly competitive eCommerce landscape, 3D product configurators—which empower online shoppers to customize the products they want by size, style, fabric, finishes and more—have quickly moved from “nice to have” features on shoppable sites to “must-haves.” Indeed, configurators are the most popular feature requested by online shoppers today.

“3D configurators help engage visitors and have been proven to have better conversion rates compared to still imagery. In a world where customization and personalization is key to selling products online, Live Furnish’s technology levels the playing field for brands and retailers of all sizes. Furniture retailers and manufacturers can now compete more effectively because they can charge more for customized products and increase their profit margins,” said Preet Sahil Singh, CEO, and Co-Founder of Live Furnish. “The problem is that many manufacturers have been hampered by their implementation because they are waiting six to eight months to receive 3D configurators, which is absurd. We have changed that model to deliver our solutions in a fraction of that time with pricing starting as low as $5,000.”

In contrast, Live Furnish has made launching a 3D product configurator for eCommerce platforms extremely efficient, with a significant investment in technology and user experience/ This enables its customers to create custom 3D configurators in a few minutes and seamlessly embed them into their websites.

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