Shifman Mattresses presents reimagined Shifman Vintage collections at High Point Market

NEWARK, N.J. (October 10, 2022) – Shifman Mattresses demonstrates its focus on retail partnerships when it unveils the reimagined Shifman Vintage® collections at the upcoming High Point Market, October 22-26. The thoughtfully recrafted line is a direct response to the needs of retail partners for a stronger merchandising story across Shifman’s premium collections.

The remastered Shifman Vintage® collections, consisting of an expanded line and the all-new Modern Shifman Vintage® line, provides retail partners a well-designed bridge between Shifman’s Masters and Quilted collections while adding flexibility and options for a clear step-up story that is easy for customers to understand.

“Actively listening to our retail partners and continually looking for ways to maximize margins and profits for them are key ways we put the Shifman Difference into action,” said Bill Hammer, Shifman president. “Clear delineation of products with real benefits to the customer makes it easier for our retail partners to achieve higher average unit selling prices.”

Shifman Vintage® has been expanded to four models featuring a full range of feels at the premium level and includes either an 8-way hand-tied or real working boxspring for ultimate support and durability. The Modern Shifman Vintage® features a high-quality, individually wrapped coil system for compatibility with an adjustable base, pairing with a real working boxspring.  

Every Shifman mattress is handcrafted in the USA and features high content of natural cotton for naturally cooler sleep and Shifman’s signature two-sided construction for superior quality, comfort and durability. All collections are made using Shifman’s exclusive Sanotuft® technique, producing a buttonless tuft that is hand-sewn from top to bottom locking all upholstery layers and the innerspring securely in place, extending your mattress’ comfort life.

Shifman’s luxury and premium boxsprings are made from sustainably sourced Canadian spruce and recycled steel. The 8-way hand-tied boxsprings feature furniture grade upholstery coils, imported Italian twine, elegant 18K gold-plated metal corner guards, Belgian damask covers, and all-natural cotton padding.

The enhanced merchandising story of Shifman Vintage® will be on display, along with Shifman’s flagship premium lines, at 108 E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, Floors 2 and 3, during the High Point Market.

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