Mlily Jama collection gets morning news spotlight

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – The JAMA Kids collection by MLILY USA was featured on the top-rated KTLA television morning news show in a segment focused on keeping kids healthy.

The Los Angeles-based morning TV news segment aired September 13 and spotlighted the JAMA adjustable pillow and mattresses for helping kids get quality sleep which is an integral part of overall health. The segment keyed in on the JAMA adjustable foam pillow specially designed for children and their growing bodies, ergonomically shaped, and sized for kids ages three and older.

“It is so important for your children to get quality sleep, so they have healthy immune systems, so they feel good at school,” said TV host and journalist Maggie Jackson.

Unzipping the pillow cover, Jackson demonstrated the pillow’s unique feature of three foam layers individually wrapped – two flat layers to adjust the height as their body grows and one top layer contoured to support the head and neck for proper spinal alignment.

Proper spinal alignment is important at all ages, especially as bodies are still growing and developing. Consider the attention put on children carrying overweighted backpacks. A healthy spine is also vital during sleep because it can affect sleep quality, impacting daytime performance.

Through Mlily’s partnership with Special Spaces, a portion of the proceeds from every JAMA seven-inch pillow sold benefits a child in need. Special Spaces is a non-profit that creates dream bedroom makeovers for children ages 2-19 who have cancer.

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