Englander, Corsicana renew partnership

CHICAGO – Corsicana Mattress Co. and Englander will continue their partnership following the recently approved acquisition of Corsicana assets by Blue Torch.

Corsicana’s Eric Rhea

Dallas-based Corsicana has renewed its commitment to producing and promoting the Englander brand, which it acquired in part in April 2021 when it purchased Symbol Mattress, formerly a partial owner of Englander, according to a release. Englander’s other partial owners are Southerland and Bedding Industries of America.

“Englander is a strong national brand that is very important to us,” said Corsicana CEO Eric Rhea. “It has a long history of innovation, quality products and customer loyalty that are all highly valued in our industry. Our customers want to sell brands they know and trust. Going forward, Englander’s national line products will be a prominent part of our portfolio.”

Corsicana filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in June. Late last month, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas approved the sale of Corsicana to creditor Blue Torch, the company listed in the original Chapter 11 filing.

Englander’s Mark Kinsley

“Through the restructuring process, it became clear that Corsicana and its leadership team are focused on building and expanding the Englander brand and selling our national line products,” said Englander President and CEO Mark Kinsley. “Our coast-to-coast footprint, extensive product offerings, and robust marketing support uniquely position our group to serve retailers seeking better products with bigger margins. We are proud to renew our partnership with Corsicana as it reorganizes and prepares for growth.”

Corsicana officials said Blue Torch is committed to building the business and the restructuring will allow Corsicana to focus on its core customers while maximizing the strength of the Englander brand.

Englander is a 128-year-old manufacturer of mattresses with 11 factories across the United States.

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