JPMA issues safety tips for Baby Safety month

MT. LAUREL, N.J. — The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association has issued a series of safety tips for consumers and caregivers to be aware of during September’s Baby Safety Month.

JPMA established Baby Safety Month nearly 40 years ago to provide parents and caregivers safety advice across multiple categories, including nursery furniture. These tips also can be used by manufacturers and retailers in their own marketing efforts as they market such merchandise to the general public either in stores or online.

For the furniture industry, the most relevant information relates to safe sleep. In issuing its recommendations, JPMA group cites data from the American Academy of Pediatrics that notes some 3,500 infants die each year due to sleep-related hazards.

Below are some of the key safety tips JPMA has issued to avoid such tragedies.

+ The safest place for baby to sleep is in a bare, JPMA Certified crib or other approved sleep product.

+ Use a new crib that has not been recalled.

+ The crib must be assembled with manufacturer hardware and following manufacturer instructions only. Keep instructions for future use.

+ If baby falls asleep, move the child to their crib as soon as it is safe to do so.

+ Always use a properly fitting mattress in baby’s crib.

+ Follow manufacturer’s weight and developmental recommendations for sleep products.

+ Never add extra bedding, pillows, blankets or stuffed animals to a baby’s crib.

Other safety tips related to sustainability including goods purchased secondhand. Here, JPMA cites research showing that 42% of mothers surveyed who are pregnant or have a baby under six months old have purchased or plan to purchase baby products secondhand. However, in doing so, it suggests parents also make sure the products adhere to the latest safety standards.

It notes that beyond using secondhand products, there also are other ways parents can ensure their child’s safety while also protecting the environment.

For example:

+ To create a sustainable nursery, look for products with sustainably sourced materials, organic cotton or recycled components.

+ Clothes, toys and books are great to buy secondhand, but prioritize buying new baby gear like car seats, cribs and mattresses.

 + Consider multi-use or convertible baby products that take up less space and grow with your child.

+ Rely on manufacturers with buy-back or repair/replacement programs and retailer trade-in programs where products are recycled sustainably.

+ If you must use secondhand products, ensure they have not been recalled, meet current safety standards and have all manufacturer instructions and labeling intact.

JPMA also has issued safety suggestions on other categories including locks and latches and car seats and child passenger safety for this and other information, click here.

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