Massood Logistics frees up 530K SF for over-inventoried retailers, suppliers

EDEN, NC. — With spring and summer sales slowed by the economic recession, manufacturers, retailers and e-tailers have been scrambling to find warehouse space as distribution centers bulge to capacity, says North Carolina’s Massood Logistics.

For that reason, the company has opened up more than 500,000 square feet  for those looking for additional warehouse space or assistance with distribution logistics. 

“We spent the summer reconfiguring our warehouse network to free up space,” Edward Massood, CEO of Massood Logistics, said in a release.

“We cleared out our Eden (North Carolina) facility to upgrade our systems and improve efficiency. We have added vertical storage, and upgraded our inventory control systems, freight handling equipment and floor management systems.” 

Massood said these moves free up 530,000 square feet of storage space for immediate use. “We saw the need in the marketplace and took action to provide critical assistance to our customers and logistic partners,” he added. 

Massood Logistics has three North Carolina locations — in Greensboro, High Point, and Eden —  specializing in dropship, pack-and-ship, pick-and-pack, light assembly and private label shipping. Its new Massood Transport division offers pick-up from suppliers and delivery to distribution centers. 

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