Englander and Mexico producer-retailer extend license deal

CHICAGO – Top domestic bedding producer Englander has extended its licensing agreement with Don Colchon, a major mattress producer-retailer in Mexico, after five successful years of introducing and selling the U.S. brand throughout Mexico. The partners inked another five-year deal.

Owned and operated by brothers Jesus and Patricio Gonzalez-Porte, Don Colchon has been manufacturing mattresses since 1982 and operates more than 50 retail stores across six states in the northeast and center of Mexico. The company’s digital platforms serve all the Mexican territories with a vast assortment of sleep products.

Patricio Gonzalez-Porte, left, of Don Colchon; Mark Kinsley, Englander; and Jesus Gonzalez-Porte

“The alliance with Englander allowed Don Colchon to have a prestigious125-year-old brand in our showrooms that offers a wide range of sleep systems and a value proposition of ‘keeping it simple’ and ‘no fake technology’ that satisfy the needs and tastes of the Mexican consumer and hotel corporations that we serve,” said co-owner Jesus.

Englander President & CEO Mark Kinsley said, “Don Colchon has been a great partner for five years running. Jesus and Patricio continue to maximize the Englander story through their expertise in both manufacturing and retail.”

Focused on true partnership with people over volume production, Englander has licensees in more than 25 countries including some of the largest mattress makers in the world as well as smaller, family-owned manufacturers.

Englander will be at the upcoming Las Vegas Market, July 24-28 in C-1596.

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