Shifman Mattresses honors 4 retailers for sales performance

Tom and Pam Rich of Paul Rich & Sons, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

NEWARK, N.J. (July 5, 2022) – Leading luxury mattress manufacturer Shifman Mattresses recently honored four retail partners for top sales performance and identified key themes in their success.

The 2021 class of Shifman achievement award winners includes: for the second consecutive year in a row the Platinum Achievement Award to Paul Rich & Sons (Pittsfield, Mass.); the Gold Achievement Award to Sensenig’s Furniture (New Holland, Pa.); and the Silver Achievement Award had two honorees, Gasior’s Furniture & Interior Design (Belle Mead, N.J.) and North Elm Home (Millerton, N.Y.).

“We see powerful themes to this year’s class of retail stars. All are single-location, independent dealers who made an unwavering commitment to mattress sales, which is one of the keys to success,” said Shifman President Bill Hammer. “Also, their outstanding growth affirms that consumers see the connection between quality sleep and overall wellness, and they are investing in mattresses with quality materials that provide real benefits to their sleep and wellness.”

Platinum honoree Paul Rich & Sons has been a Shifman partner for more than 30 years. The 38-year-old family-owned retailer posted 32% year-over-year growth in 2021, topping the prior year’s 30% growth that won the top award for 2020.

Shifman national sales director Lisa Frey said the dealer embraces mattresses as a powerful way to drive business and fully participates in an advertising program that contributes to their success.

Bill Hammer, left, Shifman Mattresses; Todd, Dick and Donna Gasior, Gasior’s, Belle Mead, New Jersey: and John Nagle of Shifman.

Another long-time Shifman partner, Sensenig’s Furniture earned the Gold Achievement Award with 64% growth over the prior year. The full line furniture retailer features Shifman Mattresses in its best of fine American handcraftsmanship offerings in concert with its furniture assortment.

Two retailers tied for the Silver Achievement Award this year. Gasior’s Furniture & Interior Design, a 22-year Shifman partner, had a steady start in 2021 then rocketed to a winning year with strong results from two key events, Memorial Day and Lowest Prices of the Year.

North Elm Home joined the family of Shifman partners in 2018. Building on momentum in 2020, the Millerton, N.Y. dealer’s sales took off in 2021 and is positioned for another successful year ahead.

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