Jury awards Lexington Home Brands nearly $2.6 million in trademark suit

NEW YORK — A jury in New York federal court has awarded whole home furniture resource Lexington Home Brands nearly $2.6 million in a trademark suit against lifestyle brand Lexington Clothing Co. over the “Lexington” name, Law360 has reported.

The legal news resource said that while the jury awarded the company just $1 in nominal damages on a contract breach claim, it awarded Lexington $1,641,963 on its trademark claims and $925,000 on a state common law unfair competition claim, according to the verdict.

The verdict related to a dispute over Lexington Clothing Company’s use of the Lexington name. Lexington filed the case in 2019, saying that the defendant had registered the Lexington name on products such as bedding and linens.

Law360 said that Lexington Home Brands tried to cancel the Lexington Clothing Co. marks at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and the office ruled in favor of Lexington Home Brands, according to the latest version of the complaint in the case.

Lexington Clothing Co. appealed that decision, but while the appeal was pending the parties reached a settlement, Law360 reported.

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