Third Sunset Review occurs this year for wooden bedroom antidumping case

HIGH POINT — This year marks the third time the United States International Trade Commission will hold a Sunset Review on the antidumping case for Chinese-made wooden bedroom furniture.

The reviews are held every five years starting from the anniversary date the duties first went into effect, which in this case was January 3, 2005. The review process determines whether or not to continue the duties moving forward.

In each of the two previous reviews, the ITC determined to continue implementing the duties, which are assigned to manufacturers, but paid by importers of record.

The duties aim to address allegations that Chinese producers are involved in unfair trade practices by selling finished product  below market value, which the U.S. government has determined has caused material injury to domestic producers in the form of revenue and/or job losses.

The goal of the review is to determine whether removing the duties will result in continued injury to the domestic industry.

The United States Department of Commerce, which assigns various duty rates to manufacturers, already determined in early May that removing the duties will result in continued dumping of wooden bedroom furniture into the U.S. market. To view that decision, which becomes part of the official record for the Sunset Review proceeding, click here.

A representative from the ITC told Home News Now that it has not yet scheduled an expedited review for Wooden Bedroom Furniture case. However, it will soon announce key dates for the review, including hearing dates, which a source familiar with the process said typically occur later in the year.

Thomas Russell

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