Mattress Recycling Council recognizes Pleasant Mattress for Sleep Products Sustainability

FRESNO, Calif. – Leading independent mattress manufacturer Pleasant Mattress has been recognized by the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) for its success in Sleep Products Sustainability (SP2). The manufacturer was chosen by the organization to be the first to be featured on its website, highlighting Pleasant Mattress’ successes in improving the sustainability and efficiency of its business as the first U.S.-based mattress manufacturer to achieve certification for its production facility through MRC’s SP2 program.

MRC is a nonprofit organization formed by the mattress industry to operate recycling programs in states that have enacted mattress recycling laws. The SP2 program is a voluntary initiative designed to empower mattress manufacturers with the tools, training and resources to implement sustainable practices through their facility. The goal is for manufacturers to reduce the negative environmental impacts of their operations and throughout the supply chain.

“We are proud of the efforts of our team and grateful to the MRC for recognizing our story,” said Rion Morgenstern, CEO of Pleasant Mattress. “The story of our journey through the process of becoming SP2 certified and demonstrated success, is not only recognition for us, but for the program overall. It outlines what we were able to accomplish based on actual results that make a difference for the environment as well as for our customers. It also helps create a blueprint for those in the industry who are interested in participating in the program.”

           The study, titled “Pleasant Mattress Builds Sustainability into Everyday Work,” chronicles Pleasant Mattress’ implementation of a number of sustainability initiatives, including an environmental policy, energy conservation efforts and a recycling program that was underway before the company began the SP2 certification process. In addition, several of Pleasant Mattress’ pre-existing processes, such as its occupational safety program and quality management program provided opportunities to integrate sustainability into everyday business practices. Throughout the process, Pleasant Mattress made excellent use of these opportunities to make SP2 part of its business, rather than thinking of it as a stand-alone activity.

             In support of the SP2 system, Pleasant Mattress developed several exemplary practices to improve sustainability systematically across their operations. The study highlights some of the best practices that contributed to the company’s certification and success, including metrics on recycling and consumption of electricity, natural gas and propane; employee awareness and engagement and the use of quality management expertise to achieve quilt waste reduction.

“This study clearly demonstrates how Pleasant Mattress incorporated SP2 concepts and practices into its on-going workplace improvement systems,” said MRC Managing Director Mike O’Donnell. “The program’s energy saving and waste reduction practices are now part of the safe working environment checklist. Taken together, Pleasant has created a more productive, efficient, and engaged workplace.”

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