Moe’s Home Collection launches 2022 Lookbook Volume 1

VANCOUVER, BC – Full line furniture resource Moe’s Home Collection has launched its 2022 Lookbook Volume One.

The “Feels Like Home” edition features 14 vignettes that the company said reflects the transition that many consumers are making to the new normal.

“Moe’s Home Collection’s newest offerings ring in a promising future grounded in the nostalgia of the past, blending gentle geometry, ancient forms, organic & enveloping shapes alongside solid wood construction, earthly and tactile materials for a celebration of comfort and beauty,” the company said. “A focus on clean, expressive designs welcomes the world back in, making the home a catalyst for connection once again. Neutral, natural palettes rich with texture play with pops of color to add interest & depth, heeding the call of lightness & assured optimism, perpetuating an ever-present sense of belonging. Having endured such trying times, there is now a knowing sense of hopefulness, strength & integrity through the use of ancient forms.

“In this Lookbook, readers will find warm minimalism, an uncluttered aesthetic that quiets the world yet speaks volumes through both simplicity and flair. The furniture supports daily living, uniting craftsmanship with made-to-last materials, orchestrating each space to be functional, inspirational & restorative all at once.”

Click here for a link to the “Feels Like Home” 2022 Lookbook. More information on Moe’s Home Collection can be seen at the company website,

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