RC Willey donates to Airbnb to help displaced Ukrainian refugees

SALT LAKE CITY – RC Willey has partnered with Airbnb to provide support to  Ukrainian refugees.

The Salt Lake City-based retailer, part of Berkshire Hathaway’s furniture division, donated $50,000 to help Airbnb continue to provide short-term emergency  housing for Ukrainian refugees. Additionally, the retailer’s associates and vendors also donated, boosting the total  donation $98,700 which Airbnb matched, for a total donation of $197,400.  

“Homes are at the center of our business. It is heart-wrenching to see so many homeless Ukrainian families,” RC Willey  CEO Scott Hymas said in a release. “We are delighted to donate to Airbnb to help displaced refugees find housing.  We appreciate our business partners and associates that have joined us in making donations.”  

The company said the charitable donation is part of RC Willey’s 90th anniversary celebration. The furniture, electronics and appliance retailer “has remained a  successful business by remaining committed to providing fair value and great service.,” it said. “RC Willey has also  focused on giving back to communities and customers.  

“For 90 years RC Willey has helped customers make their homes more comfortable and beautiful, added RC Willey President  Jeff Child. “We still consider it a privilege every time a customer invites us into their  home. We also enjoy giving back and this was a timely opportunity to help refugees find housing and the  comforts of home.”  

For more information, on the anniversary celebration, click here. 

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