DispatchTrack partners with Encompass to enhance distributor deliveries

Campbell, Calif. — DispatchTrack, the leading solution provider of right-time delivery management software, today announced that it has joined the PartnerLink Program from Encompass Technologies, a comprehensive cloud-based ERP software technology provider. The partnership enables DispatchTrack to integrate its solutions with the growing Encompass Distributor Network, allowing distributors to create delivery plans that optimize profitability and enhance the customer experience by ensuring deliveries are always made when it’s convenient for the customer – on time at the right time.

“The combination of the Encompass Cloud ERP and DispatchTrack is a powerful tool for distributors,” said Satish Natarajan, DispatchTrack co-founder and CEO. “Together, our best-in-class solutions enable distributors to automate the order management experience, then plan and quickly adapt routes to gain greater efficiencies and better serve their customers.”

The Encompass PartnerLink Program is designed to support collaboration with third-party hardware and software integration so that Encompass users have the freedom to choose access to solutions that best meet their unique needs. 

Using DispatchTrack in conjunction with Encompass, distributors will be able to create delivery plans, then quickly and easily make changes and reroute when necessary using DispatchTrack’s sophisticated artificial intelligence. DispatchTrack will ingest orders from Encompass for each delivery day and optimize routes. The route manifest is then returned to Encompass via API, enabling it to determine which products to pick for delivery. DispatchTrack can also be leveraged to plan routing for sellers and merchandisers as needed. All this ensures deliveries are made on time with precision and accuracy.

“We are pleased to welcome DispatchTrack as the most recent innovator to join our PartnerLink ecosystem,” said Bill Kraich, VP of eCommerce and Partnerships at Encompass. “DispatchTrack provides a great option for distributors seeking to eliminate what have long been manual processes and who want to improve delivery management across their businesses.”

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