Furniture First hosts performance group

Middletown, Pa. — Shortly after the April High Point Market Furniture First hosted a meeting of one of their members-only performance groups, Performance 1st Beta at the Furniture First headquarters in Middletown, PA. The group spent a day visiting both of member INTERIORS HOME’s two area stores, in Lancaster and Camp Hill. In addition to visiting the showrooms, the group toured the retailer’s warehouse and interviewed key staff members.

The group spent an additional day and a half meeting at the Furniture First offices where they reviewed each members’ progress toward goals set at the group’s December 2021 meeting. In addition to financial reviews, the group held a “Best Idea” session, a “What’s Working” session, and set new goals for each member to work towards.  

Todd Lehman, left, INTERIORS HOME; Pat Callan, Callan’s Furniture; Matt Meusey, Wagner’s Furniture; Lisa Hawkins, Room to Room; Larry Mark, FWDG; Michael Leibowitz, Country Willow; Jessica Smith and Richard Talsma, Talsma Furniture; Sarah Bumps, Davis Furniture; Justin Lehman, INTERIORS HOME; Travis Turner, Turner Furniture; John Lott, Lott Furniture; Ron Huber, Oskar Huber Furniture and Design

“Two of the meeting participants brought a second generation of store owners with them to the meeting. It’s a great way to bring along the next generation of leadership for a store,” said Amanda Daubert, Director of Services at Furniture First. “The performance group helps them see what parts of the business are doing well, and what needs more work. It also gives them a network of other store owners they can turn to for resources and advice.”

“It was great to see the growing and thriving operation at INTERIORS HOME. You can see why they were named Retailer of the Year in 2020,” said Matt Meusey, President at Wagner’s Home Furnishings. “Meeting together in-person after being virtual for so long is very beneficial. We appreciate the sharing of ideas right now with all the challenges and changes going on in the industry.”   

Furniture First manages three store owner performance groups and one for store managers. Owner performance groups consist of 8-15 stores in non-competing markets that meet in-person three times a year, rotating locations among participant stores. The groups also hold monthly calls. While Furniture First operates the groups, financials are kept private to each groups’ members and a contracted facilitator.  

Furniture First is a cooperative national home furnishings and mattress buying group serving full line independent retailers. Collectively, the group sells over $3.2 billion at retail with their approved merchandise programs in the 533 member storefronts. Furniture First currently occupies showrooms in Las Vegas (B530) and High Point (IHFC G-770) where they display products from several of the group’s approved vendors. For more information on Furniture First Membership, please visit or call 800-411-3477.

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