Infinity targets younger consumers with 2 massage chairs

SEABROOK, N.H. – Premium massage and wellness chair seating producer Infinity is targeting younger consumers with two of its most popular massage chairs. With a focus on HENRYs (High Earners Not Yet Rich), Gen X and millennial consumers who live and work in urban areas, the Prelude and Aura massage chairs are designed for smaller living spaces.

In modern styles inspired by urban living, the quality chairs offer a high-end look with a clean-lined, cosmopolitan design aesthetic. The smaller-scaled chairs are ideal for lofts, and apartments.

“For those that live in smaller homes, high-rise apartments or walk-ups, maneuvering big furniture can be a challenge,” said Michael Milone, vice president sales and business development at Infinity. “While massage chairs are always on trend, thanks to their emphasis on comfort and wellness, Prelude and Aura can help carve out an oasis for relaxation even in spaces with limited square footage. Adding a massage chair that blends with existing décor and doesn’t take up a lot of room can really amp up the feeling of luxury in smaller dwellings.”

Prelude and Aura offer features typically found only in much more expensive massage chairs. The space-saving design also makes the chairs perfect for office spaces. The plush cushions and fully reclining design offer added comfort even when the massage functions are not being utilized.

Prelude’s features include a four-node traveling back mechanism that delivers shiatsu massage techniques, soothing lumbar heat that loosens muscles, full-body scan, adjustable leg length and shoulder airbags that provide grip to assist in stretch. Rollers in the soles provide a reflexology massage for the feet. The chair comes with a built-in remote and phone pocket, six programs and full manual control. It is offered in black or brown and retails for $2,999.

Aura features an L-track that massages from neck to glutes and includes zero gravity positions, spinal correction and decompression stretch, as well as a four-node traveling back mechanism that delivers shiatsu massage techniques. Soothing lumbar heat loosens muscles in the lower back while foot rollers provide a reflexology massage to the soles of the feet. In addition, Aura also features Truefit™ Body Scanning technology that customizes the massage for each user. It is offered in black, brown or cream and is priced at $3,999.           

 Prelude and Aura are part of Infinity’s customer centric approach, and its go-to-market strategies are catapulted by a strong distribution network. The company offers five full-featured massage chairs that are in stock and ready to ship in three to five days, allowing quick delivery to consumers. Chairs can also be drop shipped from any one of Infinity’s four distribution centers in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Oregon, so there is no need for retailers to store inventory.

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