Nest Bedding names Christian Alexander president, CEO, details growth plans

CHICO, Calif. – Family-owned and operating Nest Bedding, has named Christian Alexander president and CEO. His father Joe Alexander,, founder and former CEO of the mattress and bedding brand is retiring.

Christian Alexander

“This father and son announcement embraces what Nest Bedding has been centered around since its inception 10 years ago — family,” the company said in a release. “As Christian leads the business into its next era, he will put a continued focus on company culture and champion cultivating a family of employees to create a people-first environment.”

Christian Alexander most recently was chief operations, marketing and business development officer, which put him at the forefront of Nest Bedding’s business development and where he built out the company’s first corporate office, including the customer service, operations, accounting, and marketing departments. As president and CEO, he will “engage and support customers through what has become a cluttered and confusing marketplace.,” the company said.

“I’m honored to lead Nest Bedding as president and CEO, and am feeling energized to continue to fire on all cylinders,” Alexander said, adding, “I’m most laser focused on being the brand consumers can trust in this space — not just for one single transaction but throughout their lives.

“We are creating sustainable product innovations that provide a lifetime of comfort and I want this to be our hallmark in the decades ahead.”

In the new position, Alexander will play a critical role in expanding upon the company’s commitment to initiatives that improve customer sleep and health. Several of those initiatives include:

·       Nest Bedding’s Commitment to Sustainability:

o   In 2021, the company launched the Lifetime Renewal Exchange Program, a first-of-its-kind program that gives consumers the opportunity to exchange the comfort layer on select mattresses from the brand’s lineup at any time, eliminating the need to replace the product, increasing its lifespan, and cutting down on waste entering landfills.

o   Nest Bedding recently updated its existing mattresses, with new designs and monikers that link back to the brand name and origin. The new mattress names were inspired by birds, as they were when the brand was first launched by Joe Alexander in 2012, underscoring Nest Bedding’s dedication to nature and the environment.

o   This year, it “plans to make innovative and eco-conscious solutions more accessible by introducing an LRE-qualified, premium foam mattress, along with new luxury bedding items and a uniquely curated selection of sustainable furnishings to further raise the bar on consumer expectations and a standard of quality sleep.”

o   By the end of 2022, Nest Bedding plans to expand its distribution network to the East Coast to decrease shipping times and reduce the brand’s carbon footprint.

·       Refreshed Showroom Experience: 

o   In February, it opened its Chico, California showroom, and in the weeks ahead will be unveiling “a uniquely Nest Bedding way of experiencing bedding options.” The Odelia Executive Suites will be an extension of the showroom, offering consumers the opportunity to test Nest Bedding products overnight. Consumers will have a chance to truly “sleep test” products such as mattresses, duvet covers, blankets, pillows and more, for their own homes before committing to purchase.

o   The company will add four additional showrooms in California by 2023.

·       Boys & Girls Club:  

Nest Bedding’s partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of the North Valley continues to evolve. The partnership has provided mattresses, bedding, and furniture at no cost to families coming out of transitional housing into their own permanent homes. In 2022, Nest Bedding is looking to expand this program into more regions of the U.S. and anticipates partnering with other non-profits to donate home goods.

In the release, Joe Alexander said, “My 10 years as Nest Bedding’s President and CEO have been some of the most fulfilling of my life. As I retire to spend more time with my loved ones, I have never felt more confident and excited about Nest Bedding’s future with Christian leading the way.”

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