Danican sets plan to build on private label bedding business

ATASCADERO, Calif — After transitioning from its own brand to a private label bedding specialist in 2019, Danican this week unveiled key initiatives in its domestic and overseas growth plans for this approach.

The initiatives include plans for expanding and diversifying its domestic and foreign factory partners for a “wider assortment of products and pricing options; positioning the company to “successfully navigate global shipping challenges now and in the future: and developing a “strong physical presence in Europe as well as the U.S.,” is said in a release.

But details on each initiative are sparse. In response to questions from Home
News Now, Jonathan Weingarten, director of sales and business development for the California-based company, said Danican has long relationships with its foreign partners, who  “together provide production capability for mattresses and all bedding accessory products,” and that the company has multiple partners in each of its product categories.

“For our Domestic/North America factory partners, some are long-tenured relationships and some are newer,” he added. “We are currently focused on strengthening and adding to this group …  These partners provide production for mattresses and some bedding accessories, with multiple partners in each category. He did not elaborate on expansion of the assortment and pricing.

As for positioning Danican to navigate global shipping challenges, Weingarten said the company’s challenges have mirrored all that has gone on for the industry over the past two years.  

“Danican having a dedicated global logistics specialist has definitely allowed us to service our clients in this area the best we can,” he said. “Keeping track of which ports and which carriers provide the optimal routes for each shipment has proved to be a vital strategy.”

Asked about the company’s plans to further build its European presence, he noted Danican has a European office in Denmark that’s about two year old. “This has allowed us to improve our service to our European-based client’s while also positioning us to be more attractive to European-based prospective clients.”

Danican announced the initiatives to mark its 10 years in business in the United States. Founded by Danish husband and wife team Thomas and Naomi Frismodt, the company moved its headquarters from Denmark to California in 2021 and launched bedding products under the Danican label in 2013, according to information on its website. In 2019, Danican transitioned to a private label supplier “because of the opportunities for itself and its growing customer base,” it said in a release.

“We’re grateful to all our customers and those who’ve trusted us to provide quality products that they’re proud to put their name on,” said CEO Thomas Frismodt. 

“Private label business has good momentum for us and our customers because it helps to differentiate brands in a very competitive market while also providing more flexibility and better margins.”

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