PermaPlate partners with Chem-Dry to expand furniture appearance coverages

SALT LAKE CITY — PermaPlate Furniture today announced its partnership with Chem-Dry. The partnership creates for furniture retailers an expanded appearance coverage solution to resolve the most challenging stains for their customers.

“PermaPlate Furniture is committed to innovating the warranty experience for furniture customers. Our service contract reflects our commitment to customer service,” said Tom Scott, Managing Director, PermaPlate Furniture. “Our announcement today with Chem-Dry is a result of months exploring joint solutions in order to achieve new customer satisfaction levels in the furniture warranty industry. We have created the industry’s first expanded protection policy that covers accidental stains caused by paint or grease damages to upholstery.”

“Chem-Dry management invested the time with us to research stain issues and identify how their treatments, processes, and technicians could expand the level of stain coverages with PermaPlate Furniture,” shared John Nisson, President, PermaPlate. “We are excited to deliver the most robust appearance protection service contract in the furniture warranty industry by including coverages for the most challenging stains like paint, dye transfers, grease, wine, ink, cosmetics, and more.”

“We are delighted to partner with PermaPlate Furniture to deliver premium care services to their furniture retailers, and valued customers. When you pair quality furnishings with expert care, it’s a perfect match. Furniture retailers can trust that their customers are in the best possible care when selecting a warranty from PermaPlate Furniture,” said Edward Quinlan, Chem-Dry President. 

“The partnership of PermaPlate Furniture and Chem-Dry simply makes sense,” continued Quinlan. “In today’s dynamic market, customers expect the best in the industry — and want it at a fair value. Our warranty relationship with PermaPlate Furniture gives furniture customers the trust to make their purchases and know they’ll be well taken care of if any concerns happen.” 

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