Amazon identifies six trends driving furniture sales

E-commerce giant says the last two years have been “unprecedented” in the home goods category.

There’s no denying the pandemic has significantly impacted the buying habits of most consumers. But how have the past two years changed consumer priorities when it comes to buying furniture and accessories?

Eva Lorenz, director, home categories, at Amazon said the last two years have been unprecedented for the e-commerce behemoth, particularly in the home goods category. With the pandemic forcing many to stay home more often, online shopping has become an easy way to upgrade their spaces without risking their health.

“Our homes have become a sanctuary through this period, and that’s an opportunity for brands to really help customers create a sense of comfort and consistency among a population we believe is looking for solace,” she said.

And over the past year, Lorenz said Amazon has identified several trends driving home furnishings sales, according to the preferences of their customers. 

Grounding Nature

With people stuck indoors for months during the height of the pandemic, outdoor spaces and incorporating nature inside have become really important for consumers. And that leads to increased demand for furnishings and accessories made with performance materials.

“The connection to the outdoors remains important to customers as they search for materials that are waterproof, concrete, powder-coated finishes to metal and finishes that work both indoor and outdoor,” she said.

And outdoor entertaining has become an important part of many people’s lives in the wake of the pandemic, offering the ability to safely gather. That has made the use of exterior spaces more important than ever for consumers.

“With COVID lingering, customers are extending the season with outdoor parties going all year,” Lorenz said. “In fact, 49% of Domino readers are interested in extending the season with weather-resistant pieces.”

Hybrid Home

In the wake of the pandemic, consumers use their homes for both personal and professional fulfillment, according to Lorenz. That means they’re looking for furnishings that can do double duty and help them create mixed-use spaces that can accommodate a home office, exercise area, etc.

Clutter-free Comfort

Consumers want their homes to give them a sense of calm while also being organized. That leads to an uptick in furnishings that offer storage, as well as comfortable silhouettes like curved sofas and chairs that hug the body.

“Customers are reaching for textiles like thick boucle, felted yarns, and brushed wools,” said Lorenz. “Products labeled as cozy have increased by 46% in the U.K. and 11% in the U.S.”

Optimistic Environment

With vaccination rates improving, a sense of optimism is returning to the home space, with people more comfortable entertaining again.

“Customers are reaching for multi-functional storage and moveable furniture to support entertaining and adding entertaining to their hybrid homes,” said Lorenz.

Pops of bright color and even hints of luxury through metallics and high quality materials add to the optimistic vibe.

Low-impact Living

According to Lorenz, 83% of Amazon customers say when deciding between brands, they’ll always go with the one with a good sustainability record.

“Customers want sustainable products and services and want to champion reusability, recyclability and longer product life cycles,” she said. 

Nod to Nostalgia

Inspired by a simpler lifestyle in the wake of the pandemic, consumers are embracing retro styles in home furnishings and accessories.

“Customers are seeking art deco profiles with curved statement pieces in furniture and lighting,” she said. “The curves are cocooning again while maintaining a refined architectural look.”

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