Latexco unveils LatexCool technology

LAVONIA, Ga. – Leading foam producer Latexco US announced its newest innovation LatexCool™ provides significantly enhanced latex cooling performance.

LatexCool™ uses Latexco’s proprietary process to incorporate phase change material and latex with two applications, as a surface coating and infused into the foam itself, resulting in 30% better cooling performance compared to other products available in the market. That improved performance equals about six hours of active cooling.

In heat transfer tests using industry-recognized standards, LatexCool™ consistently outperformed a leading competitive brand at each of the intervals of 10 minutes, 30 minutes and one hour, averaging 30% greater heat transfer.

“Continually improving performance of products in our own portfolio as well as in the marketplace is all part of our drive to innovate, as long as it provides value to our customers and meaningful benefits to the end consumers,” said Koen Gebruers, CEO.

Latexco holds a patent for the LatexCool™ surface treatment coating process, European patent no. EP2613927A1. LatexCool™ can be combined with any of the company’s latex and PU foams. 

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