Promotions Means Profits completes major rebranding

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Promotions Means Profits, a sales promotion and consulting firm for independent furniture retailers, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding. The new name represents what the company accomplishes for their clients, while retaining the familiar acronym PMP from their former name, PMP Sales.

The company was founded in 1985 as a liquidation facilitator, but then evolved over time to meet the growing demand for helping independent retailers to stay in business. PMP was the first liquidation company to brand themselves as “the Doctors, not the Undertakers” of the furniture industry. Rather than embarking upon a liquidation, PMP would offer a “shot in the arm” – which meant an infusion of cash – to keep the retailers’ business afloat.

From our talks with industry financial experts, credit will be tightened in 2022 -2023 as interest rates rise. This will cost and hurt retailers that are already undecided about their future, many may be forced into a GOB. We will continue to work with retailers so they can move onto their next goal, with dignity and maximum profits in their pocket.

PMP’s rebranding includes the “KIB” concept, which stands for “Keep’em In Business.” This emerged from PMP’s invention of the “Restructuring Sale,” a type of promotion that combines the profitability of a short-term liquidation sale with an instant dose of
business consulting that implements improved processes on site immediately. The result is increased cash flow and new knowledge that sets the retailer up for continued success.

“It was time to shift the brand and the company into the KIB side of liquidation. The new name represents what our company does: we do promotions paired with on-site consulting,” said Cynthia Heathcoe, VP of Business Development, “We are the only company of our kind that assists a retailer in overcoming obstacles such as slow traffic, reduced margins, unmotivated staff and disorganized warehousing procedures, all while generating a year’s worth of volume for them during the three months we’re there.”

While the old brand did include a focus on keeping retailers in business, it was time to fully break away from the traditional liquidator vibe. PMP’s new name comes with a whole new look that incorporates vibrant colors and modern design. Visit to explore the new website, brand, and services.

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