Bellini Modern Living touts quick ship program

RICHMOND HILL, Canada – Bellini Modern Living announces it can ship virtually all of its orders within one week, thanks to its in-stock positions with existing and new products and its state-of-the-art, 65,000-square-foot distribution center here.

“Our quick-ship effort has put us at the forefront of the furniture industry as a reliable resource for our retail partners,” says Frederik Winther, vice president of sales and marketing for Bellini Modern Living. “Not only has it accelerated our responses to new orders, but we back our program up with highly affordable freight rates and consistent shipping prices by negotiating flat rates with carriers, thus allowing us to pass along the savings to our customers. We stand out as a prime resource for retailers whenever they need to replenish their stocks.

“We have become a trusted resource for our dealer partners at a time in which the entire industry is facing a tsunami of supply-chain issues, which are expected to persist during the coming months,” Winther adds. “Not only are freight rates rising, but raw materials have been in short supply. Add to this the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic forced manufacturers of finished products and raw materials to shut down for prolonged periods, and you have a system that has been under great stress since early last year. Our quick-ship program enables us to assure our customers that they can get products from us quickly and efficiently—thus providing them with a supplier they can rely on even in the most difficult of circumstances.”

According to some estimates, freight rates have risen from three to seven times in the past year. In many cases, manufacturers have to pass along these higher prices to their retail customers—who in turn are forced to increase their prices to consumers

The company maintains a strong in-stock position to support its quick-ship effort—Bellini’s warehouse is filled with more than 900 SKUs, including both its current line and new products the company is planning to launch at the upcoming October High Point Market.

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