Wright’s Furniture & Flooring adds private-label The Wright Sleep line

DIETERICH, Ill. — Wright’s Furniture & Flooring, a fifth-generation family-owned retailer here, has introduced a locally-made mattress line called The Wright Sleep Mattresses.

The firm and plush mattresses are made in central Illinois by a producer the company declined to identify. They are available at the retailer’s three stores in Taylorville, Robinson and  Dieterich, Ill., and are priced just under its highest price models at $1,999 for queen mattress only. 

Features include graphite-infused memory foam, which the company said sleeps seven times cooler than traditional memory gel, and copper-infused ions which it said may provide health benefits such as reducing inflammation. The line also features high-gauge steel springs, imported from Switzerland. The mattresses also undergo a pre-compression process that ensures they will last and keep their original shape longer.

“It’s been an exciting process for us to create a product like this,” said John Wright, president of the three-store retailer celebrating 132 years in business.

“We wanted something exclusive to Wright’s … that we would be proud to put our name on. It’s a product that we know will last a long time and will help give people a better night’s sleep. To be able to say that the product was also made in Illinois and we don’t have to worry about supply chain issues, was an added bonus.” 

The new Wright Sleep line is part of three exclusive brands only available at Wright’s. The others are Wright’s Lifestyle Upholstery and Ultra-Reclining Furniture.

Because the mattress line is made in Illinois, Wright said the store will be able to accommodate specialty orders and restock items sooner. It continues to carry other national brands, including Serta, Simmons, Sealy, Spring Air, Bemco and Tempur-Pedic.

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