IMC-di lands new partners for Juniper digital suite

HIGH POINT, N.C. —Eleven gift and home sales agencies representing 230-plus brands – CMA, J. Grob, Sales Producers, Simblist Group and The Link Companies’ seven agencies (Link2Sales, The Southern Link, The Central Link, The Northern Link, TMA Link, Total Accessories and Key Sales) – have committed to the Juniper suite of digital tools for sales automation, data management and e-commerce. The partnership allows these agencies, as well as early adopters Ivystone and Anne McGilvray & Company, to connect and manage their commerce channels on the road, online and at trade shows.

“These most recent commitments represent a continuing platform shift in the gift and home industry as sellers update their digital sales and customer management tools to facilitate an omnichannel buying and selling experience,” said Eric Dean, president of IMC_di, International Market Centers’ Digital Innovations division. “As IMC_di’s existing Pharos and RepZio technology evolves into the full suite of Juniper digital solutions, this compelling new platform will transform, connect and streamline the way business is done.”

Juniper’s agency suite provides features and support that are specific to each sales organization’s needs, including commissioning and territory management capabilities. Its other features include sales automation, e-commerce websites, CRM automation, data management and syndication. Juniper also offers an unparalleled commitment to customer service and customer-centric product design, with a dedicated 32-person customer success team that partners with users to facilitate onboarding and optimize experience.

“We are upgrading to the Juniper agency suite so that we can better service our customers and position our business for the future,” said John Grob, president, of J. Grob Associates. “Juniper offers innovative tools that will make it easier to manage and exchange our sales and customer data, supported by a strong team of experienced professionals to smoothly transition our agency onto the new Juniper platform.”

In the year since IMC_di was launched, 12 leading sales agencies representing 455 vendors, have committed to the Juniper agency suite. According to Dean, there is continuing momentum for further adoption by sales agencies, as more vendors get onboarded and a critical mass of thought-leading agency principals get behind the new Juniper technology.

“There’s really no comparison between our current technology and the new Juniper agency package,” said Bonnie Glushon, president of Sales Producers. “It is game-changing in terms of the expanded capabilities, such as customer relationship management tools and website integration opportunities, it offers our business.”

The complete Juniper ecosystem facilitates buying and selling across all business channels and at every touch point. The Juniper suite includes JuniperWeb (branded e-commerce websites), JuniperSales (software enablement tools for sales management), JuniperData (product information management) and JuniperCRM (customer management). In addition to these supplier-facing tools, JuniperMarket, a new B2B digital marketplace that connects buyers and sellers – anytime and everywhere – launches in spring 2021.

Jennifer Bringle

Jennifer Bringle is the executive editor of Casual News Now. She has served as editor-in-chief of Casual Living, the leading trade publication covering the outdoor furnishings and accessories industry. She also served as managing editor of Designers Today, a trade publication focused on the interior design community. Prior to that, she served as editor-in-chief of Kids Today magazine, the leading trade publication of the infant and juvenile home furnishings and accessories industry. Jennifer also has been featured on Good Morning America, The Plum and the Associated Press.  Jennifer is a 2001 graduate of North Carolina State University with a B.A. in mass communication with a minor in journalism.

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